Carmen M. Escudero-Martinez

Plant microbiome interactions researcher

I am postdoctoral researcher at Dundee University where I am investigating how plant genetics influence the recruitment of the below-grown plant-associated microbiome. My interests lay in different molecular aspects of plants and their interaction with other organisms. These interactions are important because they possibly will result in novel ways to understand plants as a complex ecosystems with multiple levels of interactions, leading to new and sustainable forms of plant resistance, nutrient acquisition or abiotic stress tolerance. I studied Environmental Sciences in UCLM (Spain), including a year of Agronomic Sciences in Marche University (Italy). After my bachelor, I coursed and MBA in Environmental management. Later, I obtained a Leonardo da Vinci grant, thank to this program I was working as a researcher assistant in INRA (France) in molecular plant-nematode interactions. The experience was so inspirational that I decided to continue my studies in Science . At that time in INRA, I gained a Erasmus Mundus grant in Gent University (Belgium) where I studied a Msc in Nematology. I had the opportunity of develop my Msc Thesis in the field of strigolactones and its role in plant parasitic nematodes in Wageningen University (The Netherlands). As my passion for Sciences continue, I completed my PhD investigating molecular plant aphid interactions at the University of Dundee at the James Hutton Institute (UK).

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