• Escudero-Martinez, C. M., Rodriguez P., Liu S., Santos P., Stephens J., and Bos J. I. B. (2020). An aphid effector promotes barley susceptibility through suppression of defence gene expression. J Exp Bot , I completed most of the experimental work and this publication is also based in my Thesis
  • Escudero-Martinez C, Leybourne D, and J. I. B. Bos (2020) Plant resistance in different cell layers affects aphid probing and feeding behaviour during non-host and poor-host interactions. BER Accepted. I completed most of the experimental work and this manuscript is based on my Thesis.
  • Thorpe P., Escudero-Martinez C. M., Eves-van den Akker S., Bos J (2020) Transcriptional changes in the aphid species Myzus cerasi under different host and environmental conditions. Insect Molecular Biology. 29, 3, p. 271-282 12 p. I validated the RNAseq experiment by qRT-PCR in two different aphid populations
  • Escudero-Martinez, C., & Bulgarelli, D. (2019). Tracing the evolutionary routes of plant-microbiota interactions. Current Opinion in Microbiology, 49, 34-40.
  • Escudero Martinez, C.M., Guarneri, N., Overmars, H., van Schaik, C., Bouwmeester, H., Ruyter-Spira, C., Goverse,A. Distinct roles for strigolactones in cyst nematode parasitism of Arabidopsis roots (2019). European Journal of Plant Pathology volume 154, pages 129 ā€“ 140. I completed most of the experimental work and this manuscript is based on my Ms Thesis.
  • Thorpe, P., Escudero-Martinez C., Cock P., Laetsch D., Eves-van den Akker S., Bos J. (2018). Shared transcriptional control and disparate gain and loss of aphid parasitism genes. Genome Biology and Evolution, Volume 10, Issue 10, Pages 2716ā€“2733. I contributed to this manuscript by setting up and performing a highly replicated RNAseq experiment to assess aphid transcriptional responses to different plant species, at two different timepoints.
  • Escudero-Martinez, C. M., J. A. Morris, P. E. Hedley and J. I. B. Bos (2017). Barley transcriptome analyses upon interaction with different aphid species identify thionins contributing to resistance. Plant Cell and Environment, 40(11): 2628-2643. I executed most of the experimental work and participated in the manuscript writing.
  • Rodriguez, P., C. Escudero-Martinez and J. Bos (2017). An aphid effector targets trafficking protein VPS52 in a host-specific manner to promote virulence. Plant Physiology, 173:1892-1903. I contributed to this work by performing functional assays with aphid effectors to assess their impact in host susceptibility.
  • Jaouannet M., Rodriguez P. A., Thorpe P., Lenoir C. A., Macleod R., Escudero-Martinez C., et al. (2014). Plant immunity in plant-aphid interactions. Front. Plant Sci. 5:663. 10.3389/fpls.2014.00663
  • Vieira P., Escudero C., Rodiuc N., Boruc J., Russinova E., Glab N., Mota M., De Veylder, Abad P., Engler G., de Almeida Engler J. (2013). Ectopic expression of Kip-related proteins restrains root-knot nematode-feeding site expansion. New Phytologist DOI: 10.1111/nph.12255. I contributed to this work by performing sample preparation, microscopy, and part of the nematode susceptibility assays.
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